Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Say Hello to the Bad Guy.

The thing about being the villain is people don't seem to object to it if it is done well. You will almost always have more fun being the villain and if you are living for today, there is no other role to play that is as thrilling. It's 'tomorrow' you've got to worry about. It's when you wake up and reflect on the evils you have just committed or are currently doing. Because the villain never wins. Never. My advice to you, the villain, is simple. Think about tomorrow. Because although a very wise old man once told me different, it's coming. It is coming, and you can not escape it. You can deny your yesterdays and you can hide from your todays but, you can not escape your tomorrows. They're coming. Sometimes, and only if you are ever so lucky, your tomorrows will bless you with a present*. They will spare you by giving you the most misunderstood gift in the world that was ever given to man, DEATH. This gift which, most people refer to as a curse, is the only way you will ever be excused out of your tomorrows.